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Are you worried about wrinkles, scars, aging spots or sagging facial skins?

Dismayed to find crow’s feet around your eyes? Noticed a few wrinkles on your face lately? Not confident in your skin due to ugly age spots? At Fibroblast Beauty, we understand your problems and offer highly effective solutions.
Our range of services include non-surgical facial and cosmetic therapy sessions so you can get rid of those spots, signs of aging, and other issues, and have glowing, flawless skin. Thanks to advanced equipment and qualified professionals on board, we are able to perform each procedure safely, without zero risk.
All you have to do is discuss the necessary details with us, so we can recommend the best possible treatment for your skin. This is what we offer – take a look:

This is what we offer – take a look:

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Fibroblast Therapy

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Body Ultrasound

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About Mya

For lead technician and owner of Fibroblast Beauty by Mya, about dealing with the stresses of a hectic workload and the physical toll is nothing new. With multiple retail businesses under her belt along with juggling the busy schedules of a family, she was starting to see the physical effects of stress and long days creep up real fast. She had to do something, and it turns out that this journey to find the proverbial fountain of youth product would lead her to her greatest accomplishment yet.

After trying dozens and dozens of anti-aging products over the last few years, Mya was having a hard time finding something that worked besides invasive procedures or plastic surgery. Then she came across Fibroblast Plasma skin tightening treatments and saw the wonders of this easy, quick, painless technique. It worked for her, and she was loving the results. So much so, at the end of 2019, she decided to use her business acumen and start her next venture: Fibroblast Beauty by Mya.

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