About Us

Mai is the lead technician and owner of Fibro Beauty Studio, a Certified Trainer and Sales Representative for Procell Therapies. She is no stranger to the beauty industry – with a degree in business management and over ten years of sales experience, Mai is energized by making a difference in people’s lives, whether that comes through exceptional customer service or life-changing beauty treatments. A few years ago, Mai found herself struggling under the weight of multiple retail business along with managing the busy schedules of her family. She began to see physical effects of the stress in her skin, and knew she had to make some changes. This time in her life ended up leading her to a journey where she would discover the proverbial fountain of youth, and to what would become her purpose and passion.

Mai wanted an anti-aging solution that actually worked, but hoped to avoid invasive procedures or plastic surgery. It was in her search that she discovered the Plasma pen use to resurface and tightening skin over time. Mai quickly saw dramatic results from this technique – and the best part was, it was easy, quick, and painless. She loved the results so much that at the end of 2019 she put her business experience to use by starting Fibro Beauty Studio by Mai.

Through Fibro Beauty Studio, Mai is thrilled to share the groundbreaking treatments of skin rejuvenation with women from all backgrounds. Mai knows that when you look your best, you feel your best, and self-confidence leads us to a new sense of empowerment. Mai has always looked for ways to give back to those around her, and this venture is just another step in that direction. As she has developed her expertise in this exciting technology, Mai is accepting interested students and or practitioners who would like to enlighten their clients with the best permanent non-invasive results with plasma pen and Microchanneling treatments, reach out to her. The beauty industry is booming and today is the right time to begin your desire within the beauty scope.

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