Body Ultrasonic Cavitation

Body Ultrasonic Cavitation

What you get in a single session:

  • Cavitation Module
  • Multipolar Radio Frequency Module
  • Body RF and Vacuum Module

The package is designed for body contouring, slimming, and weight loss. The high-intensity ultrasound waves exert great pressure on fat cells or adipocytes. Eventually, gamblingthey collapse, and the fat leaks out into the spaces between cells; gradually they leave your body. After the cavitation, a vacuum radiofrequency handpiece is used for stimulating lymph flow. This is done to remove the fat content from the lymphatic system.

For best results, recommend 8 to 10 sessions, with a gap of 72 to 96 hours between them. Effects are noticeable almost immediately, and become more prominent as you continue these treatment sessions.

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Ultrasound fat cavitation can be used on virtually any area of your body where you are carrying extra weight. Common treatment spots include the belly, thighs, buttocks, or back.

Non-Invasive & Painless

Unlike liposuction, ultrasound fat cavitation doesn’t require any surgical procedures – so there’s no anesthesia, blood, or bandages. Instead, the treatment relies on high-frequency sound waves to help you lose inches, without causing any bodily trauma. During and after the procedure, you shouldn’t experience any discomfort. At most, you may feel a gentle warming sensation as the ultrasound wand works its way across your skin.

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It uses ultrasonic waves to break your fat cells down into a liquid while leaving surrounding tissues intact. Once the fat cells have liquefied, they are eliminated from your system using your body’s own natural processes.

Fast & Safe

Ultrasound is routinely used for many diagnostic and therapeutic medical procedures. There is virtually no risk involved, especially when compared to other methods of fat reduction that require invasive surgical procedures. There is no downtime, and the only thing you need to do to prepare is drink plenty of water. As mentioned, results are often visible right away – sometimes, you can see a difference immediately after your very first treatment. Optimal results begin to show in as little as three days.


When diet and exercise fails, ultrasound fat cavitation therapy offers a solution that works. You can reshape your body, get rid of extra fat, increase skin elasticity, get firmer skin, banish cellulite, and basically feel happy with your body! With cutting-edge weight loss technology and one-on-one support, the goal is to help you lose inches quickly and safely.