Plasma Shower

What is Ceramics Plasma Shower Machine?

Are you looking to get your youthful tight skin back? Well, Ceramics Plasma may help you a ton! 

Ceramics Plasma Shower Machine is a treatment for acne, scarring, wrinkle, and pore minimizing. The results are visible after a session of 10-15 minutes of plasma shower and 10-15 minutes on the ultrasound head. You will have to keep having some follow-up sessions for the best and long-lasting results. You should have 8-10 treatments that are planned around 7-10 days apart. These sessions will depend on the age, condition of skin and wrinkles, and scarring on the skin.

What is the process of treatment of Ceramics Plasma Shower Machine? 

The process of using a plasma shower consists of a specific frequency beam to produce a plasma that is active enough to start combining with bacteria present on the human skin surface and hence destroying the structure of this bacteria to play a role of antiinflammatory and bactericidal effect. TDDS present in the plasma can stimulate skin and promote collagen proliferation, hence repairs the problematic skin. This promotes the absorption of products and helps in giving anti-aging effects.  

What are the benefits of having plasma shower treatment? 

Plasma shower gives many benefits to your skin, and the results are highly appealing: 

–  Rapid absorption of skin: 

TDDS plasma delivery is a technology that gives a rapid opening of the cell adhesion molecules and hence produces a 60-200 times more shock. The skin absorbs this shock, and the solution gets absorbed in the skin. 

  –  Strong sterilization and disinfection: 

The energy in plasma has a very strong ability to cleanse and disinfect, and effectively kill the skin’s bacteria. While doing so does not ruin the structure of bacteria, which keeps any additional skin problems at bay. 

  – Anti-oxidation: 

The energy of plasma makes the aging cells shrink in size and recombine through a sputtering process. Simultaneously, it inhibits the precipitation of melanin and leaves the skin bright and looking flawless. 

–  Open skin channel: 

The noninvasive superconductors boost the flow of nutrients in the cells and promote cell uptake through stabilization or cavitation. And it also opens the channel in the cell membrane to speed up the process of product absorption. 

  – Acne care: 

Shower gel acts on the condition of skin acne and helps relieve the amount of soreness. With time and constant sessions, it can erase the pimples and acne scars. 

  –  Shrinking pores: 

As the plasma energy acts on gaining cells, it helps shrink the pores by acting on the sagging skin cells and tightening them up to be more fit and leave you feeling young. 

  –  Speeds up the healing process: 

Plasma energy helps stimulate the healing process in the body. It is an excellent alternative for sensitive skins, skins that are affected, or those that have gone through any invasive treatments. 

  –   Regenerate skin: 

After the treatment of plasma energy, skin regeneration starts, and the skin starts looking clearer, tighter, and a lot brighter with time. 

  These are the amazing benefits of having plasma shower treatment.  Most customers come back to get more sessions of this treatment so that they can keep up with their skin rejuvenation process. The tightened skin looks youthful and helps keep any spots and scarring away. 


The process of plasma shower treatment includes two steps.  

  1. The plasma shower comes first. The plasma is done for around 10 to 15 minutes consistently. It is done to improve the skin conditions and disinfect it from bacteria and cleanse the skin completely.  
  1. Then comes the ultrasound step. It is done for another 10 to 15 minutes, and heat results are obtained. These results help in keeping skin clear and maintaining eth treatment just done. 


The Plasma shower gel results are amazing and make our customers keep coming back for more sessions. The skin condition massively improves right after the session, and it keeps improving after each session that is done 7 -10 days apart. This allows the skin to heal and show the results of plasma shower on its surface.